In the Forest

Having fun in the woods and parklands is an essential ingredient of all children’s growth and development, and one we promote to all the children in our care.

At Active Early Years Academy, we are committed to the importance of daily
outdoor play and the physical development of all children regardless of their age and
stage of development.

We recognise that children need regular access to outdoor play in order to keep fit
and healthy, develop their large and fine motor skills, experience learning in a natural
environment, build confidence and independence, encourages feeling of empathy for
others and nature and children access sunlight in order to absorb vitamin D more

Local to the nursery are many local woods and parks which we visit regularly, in all weathers,
which help children to develop in a variety of ways, including independence,
exploration and investigative skills, risk taking and self-esteem, all of which support
children to develop skills now and for the future.

In the parks and woods we regularly build dens, explore the environment
looking at the natural world in different seasons, go on treasure hunts, and build our
physical skills. There’s a lot of running, climbing and having fun with friends.

We ensure all areas are safe and secure through close supervision and the use of
robust risk assessments and safety checks. Where possible and appropriate, staff will
plan and encourage play that helps children understand and manage risks. This type
of play allows children to explore and find their own boundaries in a safe
environment with supportive practitioners. Staff are informed of the importance of
safety procedures and are trained appropriately to ensure these procedures are
followed effectively.